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About Us


    Anmol Label are well known name plate manufacturer and metal label manufacturer in ahmedabad, India to provide name plate and metal label as per your Requriment.

    Established in 1999, Shreenath Label have, for pretty much forty seven years, been suppliers of various sorts of aluminium Anodized Labels, Brass Name Plates and stainless-steel Metal Labels, Name Plates, Paper Stickers, Vinyl Stickers, Polycarbonate Self Adhesive Labels and Stickers and Enjoying one in every of the leaders standing in India. Providing latest technology to a bigger client base is Associate in Nursing on going.Now….Shreenath labels brings you the one-stop-solutions for all of your labels and stickers desires and more…

    Large vary of various class for making Labels and Stickers and plenty of additional. Thousands of pre-loaded Ready-to-order labels and stickers, templates and customizable product. Let our skilled specialists produce custom style of labels and stickers for you.

    Enjoy freedom from hassles of constant planning, redesigning and proofing.

    Pick your own vogue, design, quantity, shipping and payment mode and leave the remainder to Shreenath label.

    Get your order written on completely different materials like aluminium, stainless-steel, Acrylic, Self Adhesive Paper, Vinyl, Polycarbonate, polyester, PVC and plenty of additional.. victimizationthe fashionable completely different printing technology for various figure.

    Get your order delivered quickly at your step.

    Shreenath labels helps you make the most the benefits afforded by the digital age. we tend to assure affordability, flexibility and profitableness like no different label manufacturer.

    Just about anybody will use Shreenath labels services - artists, freelance designers, tiny and medium businesses, or anyone that desires labels and stickers on completely different materials in tiny or bulk quantities.